A Better Way to run Swim Meets

Wireless swim timing the way it was meant to be

This revolutionary wireless swim timing system provides the ease of use and accurate times of a wired system, minus the wires!

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The easiest way to run a swim meet. Period.

Just hand out our small, easy to use wireless buttons to the timers, and you are ready in minutes

Just push the button!

Our wireless buttons don't need explanation. Just push as the swimmer touches the wall. Nothing to configure, reset or clear

Multiple start options

Our start adapter works with common swim start systems from major vendors. Or, just use an extra button to start the race

Touch-screen control

The whole system is controlled with an easy-to use touch screen interface from a tablet. The tablet works wirelessly, so you can move to the best position where you can see the pool

Hands-off operation

Once the meet program is loaded into the tablet, the meet can be run mostly without any intervention. Only touch the system in case of false starts, last-minute added swimmers and other exceptions.

For the timers

Just don't take them with you as you leave!

  • Single-button operation: Just push the large button as the swimmer touches the wall
  • No need to configure, reset or clear anything. All buttons are managed centrally from the controller
  • No on or off switch, power is managed automatically
  • Runs for years on a single coin cell
  • Well defined tactile feedback
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Color-coded, comfortable lanyards
  • No need to use your personal phone, just pass the button to the next timer when you change shifts
Time Drops Button

Once the meet starts, you can relax!

The Time Drops system knows all the details of your meet, so your only job is to watch the meet progress and make adjustments, if there are last minute changes. We used years of experience to reduce repetitive tasks, and let you focus on what matters most: watching the race!

  • The system knows if there are empty lanes, you only need to mark unscheduled no-shows
  • Control your meet from a wireless tablet with touch screen interface
  • Automatically progress to the next heat or event
  • The buttons are always armed and will never miss a start or finish, and you can always make corrections after the fact if needed
  • Smart logic detects the most common errors and fixes them on the fly

If you need to make changes to your meet, such as adding swimmers or heats, don't worry. Just export the updated program from your meet management program at any time, even while a race is in progress. The system will update automatically

Swim timing console

Stay informed at all times

Time Drops supports any number of scoreboads. No scoreboard? Our mobile app keeps you informed in real time.

  • No need to wait for 'official' results. Just like a scoreboard, our app shows the raw timer results within seconds
  • See personal best times and unofficial records right away
  • Easy accessible meet program
  • Protect your swimmer's privacy: Names are protected by a PIN which will be announced at the meet
  • No ads, no in-app purchases or subscriptions. App usage included in your team's annual subscription
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Don't want to install an app? Try our instant web app!

App is available for Android and iOS. Standard data and messaging charges may apply. Final official results may differ from the results shown in the app.

mobile app screen

Set up in minutes

No wires or harnesses. No heavy console.

  • Just pass out the color coded lanyards with the buttons to the timers
  • Flexible configuration: traditional 3-button operation, or 2 or even just 1 for informal meets
  • Support for any number of lanes from 4 up to 10
  • Wireless start adapter can be mounted semi-permanently to your starter system
  • Wireless scoreboard connection
wireless buttons with lanyards


Exceptional Battery Life

Our buttons and start adapters use the most advanced, ultra-low power, long-range radio modules available. Expect many years of reliable operation on a single coin cell. Additionally, our app will constantly monitor the battery health of all the devices and give you advanced notice of any needed replacements.

Works with popular meet management software

The system can connect wirelessly to:

  • Meet Manager
  • Meet Maestro
  • We import the entire meet program, including lane assignments, seed times, standards and records for a richer experience and more confident meet operation

    Accurate Times

    The timing controller uses a swiss-made temperature-compensated precision clock. Our proprietary radio transmission protocol will synchronize all the buttons to the central clock with an accuracy 1/10,000th of a second

    TV scoreboard interface

    Convert any TV into a live scoreboard with our Android based scoreboard app. Requries Android TV, Fire TV or Android-based streaming adapter such as Fire TV Stick (sold separately)

    See how it works

    Mobile app included

    Your team members do not need to pay extra fees to access the meet program and real time results on their phones. Usage of the app is included in your subscription for an unlimited number of meets.

    Available for Android and iPhone.

    Continue to use your LED scoreboard

    If you have an existing LED scoreboard (numeric or matrix), we offer adapters and software packages to use your existing scoreboard with our advanced timing system

    On matrix systems, you can show advanced information such as time improvement, records and standards

    Available for numeric scoreboards with an RS232 interface and matrix displays from most vendors. Adapters not included in all packages

    Predictable cost

    Low capital investment for the initial purchase

    No surprise charges because a part is broken or damaged - repair or replacement is covered by the annual subscription

    Ideal for recreational or summer league swim teams.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Time Drops is a new, wireless swim timing system. It uses low-cost, keyfob-style buttons instead of traditional wired plungers. Our sophisticated software turns these buttons into a precise, reliable timing system which is affordable for everyone, even small recreational teams.

    • The system uses a proprietary synchronous radio protocol to get exact times, and transfers the results wirelessly to your meet management laptop.

      We have a YouTube videoexplaining how it works in more detail

    • We are currently running an early access program with a select number of teams. Please send a message and we will contact you to discuss possible inclusion of your team in the early access program.

    • Our app works on most Android tablets with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher. We recommend at least 8 inch screens for pools with up to 6 lanes, and 10 inch tablets for pools with 7-10 lanes. This includes Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablets manufactured after 2016 (FireOS 5 or higher). A list of known supported tablets is available here

    • We provide a wireless start adapter that works with most swim starting systems. If you do not have a start system, you can start the race manually with the included 'Start' button. Both timing options are considered 'semi-automatic' as specified in USA swimming rule 102.24.2B

    • Our system currently supports Hy-Tek Meet Manager and SwimTopia's Meet Maestro. These systems must be run on Windows 10. (Currently no support for Mac or older Windows versions) The timing app connects wirelessly to the Meet Management computer.

      There are some YouTube videos demonstrating the integration:

      Integration with Meet Maestro

      Integration with Meet Manager

    • Because all of the devices in our timing system work wirelessly, a stable Wi-Fi connection at the pool area is required. In order to avoid interference from other Wi-Fi users, we recommend to have a separate router which is used exclusively for timing and meet management. Internet connection is recommended, but optional. Our timing controller has a basic battery-backed Wi-Fi access point which can be used in case of power outages. If you want to publish your meet program and live results to our mobile app, an internet connection is required.

    • Despite their small size and low power consumption, our buttons have range of about 500ft in open terrain. The range can be reduced by obstacles such as walls. For best operation, it is recommended to place the timing controller at the long edge of the pool, from where it has a direct line-of-sight to the start and finish areas. The timers should not completely enclose the buttons with their hands as this may reduce the signal strength.

    • Our buttons are not water proof. They do however survive being dropped into the pool without permanent damage. Just dry them out and they will be fine. If a button should fail for any reason (other than an empty battery), we will repair or replace it as part of our subscription services. The start adapter and the timing controller are water resistant and will not be affected by splashes or short drops into the pool.


    No need to run fundraisers to obtain a state-of-the-art timing system, as our affordable packages can get you started with minimal investment. The exact pricing is not yet public, but a basic starter package will be significantly less than $1,000. Each package includes the subscription for the first year, $TBA/year thereafter.

    Important: The subscription is required. The system will not work without an active subscription


    $TBA / one-time

    • 6-lane pool (2 buttons/lane)
    • Manual start button
    • 1 Central unit
    • Start system adapter
    • extra spare buttons
    • scoreboard adapter
    • First-year subscription included


    $TBA / one-time

    • 10-lane pool (3 buttons/lane)
    • Manual start button
    • 1 Central unit
    • Start system adapter
    • 5 extra spare buttons included
    • numeric scoreboard adapter
    • First-year subscription included

    Annual Subscription

    $TBA / year

    • First year included in package purchase
    • Technical support
    • Software Updates
    • Free repair or replacement of defective parts (Including water or physical damage. Excludes shipping, tablets, computers or routers)
    • Unlimited use of mobile app for programs and results


    We are currently setting up our operation and only accept a limited number of teams into our ealy access program. If you are interested in joining, please send a message

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